Hair Care Techniques for Healthy and Gorgeous Hair in Your 30s

If you're in your 30s, you're probably starting to notice a few changes in your hair. It might be losing its luster, or you might see a few more strands in your brush than you did in your 20s.

But don't despair! You can do plenty of things to keep your hair looking healthy and glorious in your 30s. Here are a few tips for glorious hair:

1. Get Regular Trims

Split ends can make your hair look dull and lifeless, so getting them trimmed regularly is essential. Aim for a trim every six to eight weeks or when you see split ends.

2. Use a Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners can help replenish moisture and keep your hair looking healthy. Use one at least once a week or more if your hair is particularly dry or damaged.

3. Use a Gentle Shampoo

If your shampoo is too strong, it can tear your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle behind. Consider a shampoo that is sulfate-free and gentle on your hair.

4. Be Gentle When Washing Your Hair

When shampooing and conditioning, be sure to use gentle, circular motions. Avoid scrubbing your hair too hard, as this can cause damage.

5. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays. Be sure to use a leave-in conditioner or serum that contains SPF to protect your hair when you’re spending time outdoors.

6. Use a Heat Protectant

If you use heat styling tools regularly, it’s essential to use a heat protectant. This will help prevent heat damage and keep your hair looking healthy.

7. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles can put a lot of strain on your hair, which can lead to breakage. If you’re searching for a hairstyle that will be gentle on your hair, try a loose braid or a low bun.

8. Limit Heat Styling

Heat styling, such as blow drying and flat ironing, can cause damage to your hair. If you must heat style, use a heat protectant spray and keep the heat on a low setting.

9. Be Gentle When Brushing Your Hair

When you brush your hair, be sure to do it gently. Being gentle will help to avoid breakage and keep your hair looking healthy.

10. Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is good for your overall health and can help your hair look its best. Be sure to eat enough fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to keep your hair healthy.

11. Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is not only valuable for your health, but it can also improve circulation to your scalp, which can promote hair growth.

12. Reduce Stress

Stress can cause a variety of health problems, including hair loss. If you're experiencing anxiety, try to find approaches to relax and reduce your stress levels.

13. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water is vital for keeping your whole body healthy, including your glorious hair. Aim to consume eight glasses of water every single day.


If you want to maintain healthy and glorious hair in your 30s, it is essential to follow a few simple tips. Try using natural hair products to give your hair the nourishment it needs. Following these crucial hair care tips, you can keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous in your 30s and beyond!

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