How Can Water Help in Maintaining a Healthy Curly Hair

It is no secret that water is essential for life. It is also essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful head of curly hair. Water helps to keep curly hair hydrated, nourished, and bouncy. It can help to keep the curls defined and reduce frizz. This article will discuss why water is good for curly hair and how to use it to get the most out of your curls.


Depending on their porosity, many hair varieties react to water in various ways. The least susceptible hair types to relative humidity or dew point changes are those with a flat, sealed cuticle and low porosity. A healthy, glossy head of hair is produced due to the cuticle's ability to keep the cortex's water content at an optimal level and stop moisture from entering or evaporating.

High porosity hair represents the other extreme. Tall porosity hair has trouble retaining the right amount of moisture, regardless of whether it is porous by nature due to genetics, damage from chemicals, heat, manipulation, or both.

Both dry and humid air will result in puffy, curly hair because of the open cuticle, which allows water to enter and exit the hair freely. Because it can't balance its own needs for moisture, high porosity hair requires your assistance. When the air is dry, it may be necessary to add water and sealant; when the air is humid, it may be required to employ chemicals that repel water.

As many of us fall between low and high porosity, predicting how we react to moisture is more challenging.

Water Use for Refreshment

Steam from water works wonders for refreshing and styling. You can benefit from moisture by hopping in the shower wearing a shower cap or using a portable Q-Redew. The hair becomes softer from the steam, making it more malleable and flexible. While a good night's sleep or a ponytail can flatten curls, this is a fantastic technique to revive and realign them.

Although less porous curlies' hair won't soak up much moisture, steam styles some hair types incredibly effectively.

Steam can be used to revive and shape more porous hair. Yet, the secret is to add moisture gradually. Avoid styling the frizz-prone areas of the hair, and take care not to overdo it when styling. Avoid letting your hair absorb too much water. For those who like to flaunt "the bigger, the better" soft, whole heads of moisturized hair, steam can be a terrific tool if utilized properly.

Water's Role in Therapy

Water is the only "moisture" that all moisturizing lotions contain. These additional ingredients convey the water or improve the products' flavor, color, or texture. But in reality, they're trying to bring water!

You can cut costs by using steam to provide water to your hair rather than other components. Seal the region to keep the moisture recovered after your steam treatment.

Installing a humidifier in your bedroom, which can rehydrate the air and your hair while you sleep, is another simple method to treat yourself to additional moisture.

However, avoid over-shampooing and frequent soaking to prevent stripping hair of its natural oils. Your scalp's natural oils are crucial in maintaining balanced and healthy moisture levels in your hair, especially if it is porous.

Avoid removing nature's barrier with water and detergent. Even if you wash your hair with water once every other day at most, it will still stay clean and healthy.

Rewetting and wearing wet hair outside in the chilly winter air are not recommended. Breakage is more likely in frozen hair!

Weather and Water

The ecosystem's water levels are constantly changing. Herein lies the challenge. We would have the opportunity to determine what our hair requires and then repeat, repeat, repeat if the dew point were constant daily and throughout the year. The hair challenges each week are over! It would be so simple!

Because each season differs from the others, we must instead adapt. More water may be added via emollients and moisturizers to avoid brittle hair during cold, dry seasons. You could use additional gel stylers to define your curls and reduce frizz during hot, humid months.


Water is essential for healthy and beautiful curly hair. It helps to keep the hair hydrated, allowing it to maintain its natural shape and texture. Proper hydration can also prevent hair damage and breakage while promoting healthy growth. 

Furthermore, water helps to keep the scalp and follicles clean, removing dirt and oils that can clog them and lead to dryness and damage. By drinking enough water and using water-based products on your curls, you can keep them looking their best and feeling hydrated and healthy.

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