Everything You Need to Know About Split Ends

Split ends affect everyone, regardless of hair type or texture. While some cases of split ends are minor, others may have it a lot worse. This is why we believe in understanding split ends, how to prevent them and how to care for our hair from roots to tip. 

The idea of finding the perfect solution for miraculously ending split ends for good may be unattainable. While frayed, split ends are irreversible, they can be avoided and minimized. With that said, read on to discover everything you have to know about split ends, as well as tips to avoid them and how to maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Understanding Split Ends

As hair grows from the root, you must understand that the ends of your hair are the oldest and most visible parts. Daily use results in frayed and ripped ends. Split ends are most noticeable at the ends of the hair, although they can also appear in the middle or top of your hair shaft. Split ends can occur if your hair is not routinely trimmed. Split ends indicate that your hair needs to be maintained.

The Causes of Split Ends

Determine the cause of broken ends in order to avoid or treat them. Damaged hair causes split ends; the more damage, the more split ends. Causes of hair damage include:

1. Heat Styling

The use of heated styling tools on a regular basis may cause hair damage. The heat generated by these devices causes hair to become dry and brittle.

2. Synthetic Chemicals

Chemical straightening, perms, bleaching, and coloring cause hair damage. These procedures weaken and break hair.

3. Friction

Split ends are caused by friction. Some fabrics are harmful to hair. Hats, scarves, shirts, cotton cushions, and scratchy towels can all create friction and breaking.

4. Exposure to Natural Elements

The sun and dryness can cause thin, fragile hair. A variety of situations can result in split ends and some of them include being exposed to the natural elements.

5. Harsh Hair Care Products

Some hair preparations may contain certain alcohols (Cetearyl, cetyl and stearyl alcohol are not drying alcohols and actually are moisturizing) and drying agents. They dry and destroy the hair. According to one study, the pH of shampoo increases hair breakage. Shampoos with an alkaline pH might adversely charge hair. Friction increases fracture.

Anti-Split Ends Advice

The harsh truth is that split ends cannot be repaired. Only a haircut will get rid of them. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent them. Here are some anti-split ends advice for keeping split ends and damaged hair damage at bay:

1. Trim Regularly

Trimmings are recommended every six to eight weeks to avoid split ends. This avoids further splintering. A split hair is more damaging. Split ends, if not clipped, can quickly spread up the hair shaft. This causes loss of length, roughness, thinning, tangles and unhealthy hair.

2. Use Heat Shields

To create healthy, lustrous hair, use heated styling equipment less often. Set the heat to medium or low. Before curling, straightening, or blow-drying hair, always apply a heat protectant.

3. Treat Your Hair with Kindness

When washing, drying, detangling, and styling hair, use caution. Brushing wet hair is harmful. Microfiber towels or cotton T-shirts can be used to dry hair. This minimizes friction and split ends. Use the proper comb. Silk or satin pillowcases help to prevent hair damage and breakage.

4. Use Gentle Products

Hair care solutions like our Tee's Hair Secret hair products that nourish, moisturize, and preserve healthy hair are essential. Toxic chemicals and abrasive agents can damage and destroy hair over time.

5. Take Care of Your Well-Being and Your Diet

Because we are what we consume, eat healthily. Proteins, iron, vitamin C, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids all promote healthy hair. Drink plenty of water and consume nutritious foods. I know some of us don't have the best eating habits and supplementation is another great way to get necessary nutrients. Our Glorious Hair Gummies are packed with hair loving nutrients and they taste yummy.


Hair is one of our greatest natural accessories. When our hair looks good, we feel good. This is why we must never take the health of our hair for granted. Simply keep all of this information in mind as you take care of your hair from the inside out!

Do you want to know the secret to healthy hair? Tee’s Hair Secret is here to give your hair exactly what it needs. 

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