Essential Scalp Care Tips to Boost Healthy Hair Growth

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Let's get back into scalp health. As our scalp does not have a vital barrier to protect it like our skin, it’s made up of dead, dry skin cells, which can accumulate and affect the health of the hair growing underneath, causing it to become dull, lifeless, and brittle. Scalp care is a necessity in all hair regimens.

But it can be tricky to know how to care for your scalp because it contains a high amount of sebaceous (oil) glands to produce natural oil, which can cause a lot of buildup. This is why we recommend using a scalp cleanser or scrub at least twice a month or more often to keep your scalp in check.

Scalp scrubs exfoliate the dead skin cells on your scalp, stimulating cell production and allowing the hair follicles to thrive, resulting in a healthy scalp. They also provide deep nourishment to the scalp with hydrators, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Today, let's explore some essential scalp care tips to promote healthy hair growth. Here's what you need to know:

Use Gentle Products

Try not to use too many products on your scalp. It doesn’t need to be overloaded with products. Especially, avoid harsh ingredients and chemicals, such as sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols (cetearyl and cetyl alcohol are not drying). These ingredients can dry out your scalp, as well as cause irritation. In addition, avoid overuse of silicone-based products especially if you don't wash your hair often. Use natural oils or butters to protect your scalp’s natural oils or moisturizers.

It’s a good idea to wash your hair weekly or every other week. Washing too often can remove the natural oils from your scalp, leaving it dry and irritated. On the days between washes, use a hair oil like our Glorious Growth Hair and Scalp Oil or a scalp moisturizing spray our Quench Hydrating Spray is great to help keep your scalp from drying out.

Eat More Antioxidants

Achieving healthier hair from the inside out is a great way to prevent hair breakage and shedding. Antioxidants that protect the skin and scalp from free radical damage can help make your hair healthier.

In the same way that antioxidants help protect the skin around the eyes from sun damage, they can also help protect your scalp. Take a closer look at your diet and try adding more foods that contain antioxidants, such as blueberries, kale, spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Use a Scalp Scrub

Once or twice a month, you should try using a scalp scrub or exfoliating cleanser to help exfoliate the dead skin cells off your scalp. This will give your scalp a good scrubbing, and it will also stimulate blood circulation. Exfoliating your scalp can help to prevent dandruff or diminish dandruff if you already have it.

A scalp scrub removes the buildup of dead skin cells and product residue which in turn allows your scalp to breathe better. You can make a diy scrub using a recipe from online or buy one instead.

The Bottom Line

With these tips, you can keep your scalp clean and healthy. When you're on the lookout for products, don't forget to check out the ingredients list. Pay attention to the listed ingredients and do your research on the products with harsh ingredients. Then, your scalp will thank you for it.

I am on a mission to transform how we take care of our hair by first taking care of our bodies. Together we can bridge the gap between hair and health care through increased hair education. Let me know if you have any questions.


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