5 Noticeable Signs That Your Hair Is Unhealthy

Damaged hair can appear in various ways, including split ends, brittle-like texture, and excessive tangling. These unfavorable indicators are, unfortunately, an unavoidable result of the routines that make up our daily lives. The strands of our hair suffer damage from practices as varied as coloring them, using heated styling products, and wearing their hair in tight braids or ponytails daily.

There will be moments when your hair simply does not look or feel how you believe healthy hair should, which may cause you to question the state of the health of your hair. Recognizing damage symptoms is the first step toward finding a solution to any problem. The following are five obvious warning signs that your hair is damaged that you must not overlook.

1. Hair Is Dull and Lacking Shine

If the health of your hair seems to be in question, the first thing you need to check is the luster or shine of your hair. Healthy hair will have a healthy sheen to it, which is a direct result of its moisture content. Those with damaged hair, however, generally have dull, lackluster hair.

2. Split Ends

The most obvious sign of damage is the presence of split ends. Split ends occur when the strand of hair becomes so dry that it is prone to breaking. Often, split ends are accompanied by the appearance of rough and ragged ends, which are stretched-out ends that look almost frayed. 

Split ends make the hair look like a cactus, with the ends being more exposed and brittle than the rest of the hair.

3. Hair Is Weak

Another component directly related to damaged hair's appearance is its lack of strength. If the ends of your hair feel puny and the texture feels weak, this is generally a sign that the overall condition of your hair is poor.

When the strands are damaged, they feel much thinner than they are. This is most likely the result of either excessive heat or chemical treatments that have left the hair stripped of moisture.

4. Significant Amount of Hair Loss

There are two leading causes of excessive hair loss in those with damaged hair. Firstly, the strand is damaged, and secondly, the moisture in the strand is lost. Both situations cause the hair to appear weak and tangly, which makes the hair more susceptible to tumbling out of the follicle and onto the floor. If you notice that a significant amount of hair is on the floor after you have showered, it is a clear sign that your hair is damaged.

5. Difficult to Untangle

Tangling is a severe issue for those with damaged hair, as it makes the hair feel unmanageable and weak. The problem is often a result of hair that is lacking in moisture. When the strands of hair lack moisture, they cannot hold onto the natural oils that keep the hair feeling smooth and hydrated. The result is dry and brittle hair that tangles easily, which can make it feel like you have a bird's nest on your head.


There is no doubt that damaged hair is an unsightly indicator that you are not caring for your hair to the best of your ability. The trick is finding out what is causing the damage and identifying a solution that will bring your hair back to its ideal state.

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