The slap heard around the world! Will Smith, Chris Rock, Jada and alopecia!

Men in Black. Will Smith

I need everyone to look this way.

Ok sooooo, last night during the Oscar's Chris Rock made jokes about how much Will Smith has grown and will appreciated it so much he got up and hugged him.
Boom... now before we get back to your regularly scheduled programming. 🥴
For real tho, lemme chime in as an Oncology nurse, cancer survivor, Trichology student and creator of some dope hair care products. I've dealt with hair loss from cancer. I've had countless patients and customers who have lost their hair due to cancer, lupus, alopecia and other medical conditions over the years.
A joke is only funny until it isn't and that ish wasn't funny to me. No I don't condone Will walking up there and smacking Chris. This situation has so many layers and we are all imperfect humans. I applaud Chris because he remained professional.
Yes, Will initially laughed but in his speech he talked about always having to laugh off being talked out and protecting women. Everybody has a breaking point. Anyone who says they would never is lying because at the end of the day YOU DON'T KNOW! "Good" people have clicked out and done wayyyy worse.
The look on Jada's eyes told it all, her alopecia being used to make others laugh hurt. Many people put on a strong face in public when in all reality dealing with losing your hair can be very painful.

We don't know what private conversations they have had or how Jada really feels about herself.

She isn't Demi Moore, she didn't give herself a bald head for a movie role. She didn't choose alopecia, it choose her and she can't just grow her hair back like Demi could.

Alopecia can be caused by many things including health issues, stress, medications, hair care or genetics. Not all people with alopecia are completely bald, some people have patches of baldness and other areas that grow without any problem. Some types of alopecia are temporary while others results in permanent damage to the hair follicle. In the latter case unfortunately the hair in that area will not grow back, there are procedures that can be done to transplant hair into those areas.

Here are 10 tips for those that think they have alopecia.
1: See a Dermatologist or Trichologist- you need your labs and scalp assessed. You could have something going on that's correctable.
2: Protect your hairline- some ladies wear weaves improperly and it leads to hair damage.
3: Loosen up- stop wearing super tight braids and other hairstyles that are literally pulling your hair out.
4: Take care of your scalp- massage your scalp daily to get that circulation going. I use my Glorious Growth Hair and Scalp Oil of course.
5: Let it breathe- use a scalp scrub, clarifying shampoo or rinse to get rid of buildup on your scalp as needed. My Aloe Apple Cider Rinse is really good for this btw.
6: Calm down- stress leads to delayed hair loss and it can be massive. Meditate or pray daily. Create a way for you to calm down and not allow ANY outside forces to alter your calmness.
7: See your doctor regularly: deficiencies in Iron, vitamin D, B12, Biotin and others can lead to hair loss. Some people need supplements to help and our yummy hair gummies have helped thousands.
8: Watch your health- hypertension, diabetes, lupus, thyroid issues, hormonal changes and meds associated with these medical issues can lead to hair loss.
9: Drink water- our body/hair needs water to be healthy. Our hair needs water to grow. Drink adequate amounts of water daily to keep your body hydrated.
10: Create a consistent hair care regimen- Keep your hair/scalp properly hydrated and conditioned to reduce breakage. If you don't know my I Want It All Set is great btw. We also have a mini version that you can start with. 

Anyway let's be kind to each other, mind the business that pays us, drink water, see our docs and have a glorious day.


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  • Hey Sis, I’m diagnosed with stage 2
    Breast cancer 🎀 I had my picc line
    Put in today can you share some inputs
    With me I greatly appreciate it I do have to purchase somemore hair products’Lisa 🙏🏼

    Lisa Y Jones

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