Meet Tee



 Tanieka (Tee) is the creator of Tee’s Hair Secret. While growing up in new Orleans she’s always had a passion for helping others, which led her to pursue nursing. Little did she know she would be diagnosed with cancer in 2011 right before graduating. In 2014 Tee's journey led her to create healthy hair products while using her RN skills to help women take charge of their hair and their health.

 During the recovery process she went from having a head full of hair, to being completely bald. Although her recovery was an uphill climb, the blessing she gained was a profound passion for growing healthy hair and helping others do the same.

 After regrowing her hair Tanieka created Tee’s Hair Secret after being asked by family and friends to create hair products. THS features her personal staple, the bestselling Glorious Growth Hair and Scalp Oil which is the hair oil tee used even before having cancer. Tee’s products have helped women, teens and children all over the globe grow and maintain healthy hair. Her passion for healthy hair has also led Tee to learn more about Trichology so she can create products that help different hair and scalp issues. Tee shows others how to achieve their healthy hair goals by becoming more knowledgeable and active in their hair care as well as their health.

Although Tee grew up in what could be called poverty she didn’t let that stop her from desiring a better life. She’s a preacher’s kid that struggled with her faith, but now she has a crazy love for God and openly shares her testimony with others. Tee also once had low self-esteem, but she now teaches others how to reach higher. She shares how she transformed her life by transforming her thoughts and growing closer to God. She teaches everyday down to earth people that they too can accomplish any dream they have.

An entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker, RN and cancer survivor, Tanieka loves traveling inspiring and motivating women to change their minds so that they can change their lives for the better. Her ultimate goal is to help millions of women discover their potential and confidently walk in their God given purpose.

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